Pain is waking up wanting to be back asleep, as that is a lot safer as a world. Pain is wanting those killer thoughts to go away. Pain is wanting your heartbeat to slow down, just a little bit.   Heart racing, rushing thoughts and out of breath, I’ve only... Read More
I feel like I’m walking on sunshine. I stride through dozens of people with my coffee. I love life. I walk faster and faster, listening to some music, singing along to the words. I get back to my house, looking at my tasks for the day. I’m so excited to... Read More
My shirt has become a towel or a tissue; it’s absolutely soaked, but I don’t really care. What I care about is the woman crying in my arms. It’s the fifth day in a row this week but every day, I support her. I want her to smile and to... Read More
A conference is a pretty harmless place to be, you would think. Maybe boring in some cases, but pretty harmless. For the average attendee, you sit there, pay attention and take notes. I am doing just this for now. Yet I don’t know when IT will start. When IT will... Read More
“Go on, let’s have another pint!” I say, trying to be persuasive. “No thanks, I better go on. Back to the wife,” replies Trev. “Well, what about you guys?” I ask, turning to my other two mates. “Na,” they both reply, as they, too, move to stand up and grab... Read More
I walk slowly, out of the house, down the drive and eventually onto the street. I do not allow my eyes to meet anyone else’s. I stop as I clench my fists and then I run my hands through my hair. My breathing is disjointed. I head back to my... Read More
Every morning I wake up and then immediately want to go back to sleep. I try to see how many times I can hit snooze to delay facing the pain and problems. It’s not that I am tired nor am I lazy but it’s because the dream world is so... Read More


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