3 tips for dealing with stress

This is often something I get a lot of feedback from my podcast listeners and clients initially when I start coaching them. I’d be lying of course if I said I never struggle from stress. In particular, the last few months have tested me. In fact the more you grow the more challenges you will have to face.

So here are the tips…

Learn how to breathe properly
When we are stressed we constrict our breathing and tend to be chest breathing. Instead focus on breathing into your diaphragm. I would suggest going on YouTube and looking up Wim Hof for some very effective breathing techniques.

Set your environment up to win
In today’s remote working and heavy technology environment. There are more stressors and less relaxation in some cases. Set up your environment to win. Separate your working spaces, even if like me you have your living room, kitchen and study as a combined room in a smaller flat. Have zones for relaxing and working.

Pay attention to how you feel after food
Food can have more of an impact on how we feel than you think. Have you had little to eat in a day and more productivity and energy? Or perhaps loads to eat and had that brain food? Well also pay attention to how you feel after foods as you may have some sensitivities.

A good approach to this is to monitor how you feel after certain foods in your day and journal it.


Stress is something a lot of us deal with, but don’t let it run your life. Become more aware of the triggers and pay attention to your body.

By Jonny Pardoe

Podcast Host, Confidence & Podcast Coach and Author

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