Three tips for an empowering morning routine

I’m guessing you may have seen many blogs, videos and podcast episodes on the morning routine right? Well… me too. What is the right one though? There are many credible people out there highlighting theirs. So how do you know what to include in yours?

Well today I’m going to go through three tips that I’ve taken from experience on how to have an empowering morning routine for you. Based on studying morning routines of high performers, experiencing several myself and including into my coaching practice for clients and seeing results from them.


Make it relevant for you! We hear these things: journaling, meditation, yoga, gym, affirmations, reading… and I love all these great things and include them in my life, but think… What’s actually useful out of those for you?

What is your outcome in life or your next goal? If you don’t know either by the way take some time to think about it (that’s a different blog altogether) Then ask yourself who do you need to be? What habits does that person you want to be have? You can do them now!

One effective way is to role model someone who is further along in the journey in where you want to be. The problem I see and I’ve done myself is role model someone else who has a completely different path from myself. Make your morning routine relevant to you.

I for example have included voice exercises in mine for even 5 minutes to get my voice warmed up as I speak to a lot of individuals and also podcast and go on video daily. I’ll also include a short breathing exercise, quickly read my goals and do a hypnosis session to work on my money mindset.

Make it easy for your brain

Willpower is not sustainable. If you start off right away with a massive 2 hour routine of a load of new things,… sure it may feel great for a few day, even a week but can it be continued? I always make a rule for myself and coach my clients in the same way, to make new habits and routines as easy as possible.

Why? The brain likes easy. It tries to converse energy constantly. So if you are wanting to create a new morning routine make it easy 20-30 minutes total to begin with and if there is something new within there make it in 2-5 minutes.

I’ve too many times made that ‘super achiever’ mistake of putting too much into my life too soon and it exhausted me, especially when I’ve done that in my morning routine.

Would you prefer easy and effective in moving forward, or hard and effective that becomes less effective over time?

The time of it

There is a great book called ‘The 5 AM Club’ which got me into 5 AM morning routines which was good for a while but really my body didn’t enjoy it. We hear a lot of ‘You gotta get up at 4 or 5 AM to succeed’.

Whilst I personally believe getting up at 11AM may limit your chances of having a quiet and proactive start to the day, I do believe you find what is best for your body clock. I got up at 5AM and had a couple of good hours but then a miserable rest of the day. I’ve gotten up at 7 AM or even 8 AM and had a great few hours and a pretty decent day. Whilst one of my heroes Tony Robbins goes on about living off 5 hours sleep there are others out there who say it’s different for them….Jeff Bezos one of the richest men in the world reports he needs 8 hours sleep and gets up after 7AM.

I believe sleep is soooo important too. So I’m not going to tell you what time you should get up or how much sleep exactly but listen to your body and figure out what works for you.

One tip to adapt to getting up at an earlier time, if you want to do that, is to get up at that time but do something you really enjoy for the first few days rather than hard work. That way you ease into it and look forward to getting up and getting out of bed is easier.


So that concludes the tips for an empowering morning routine. The reason I labeled it an empowering morning routine was because I want your morning routine to be something that empowers you rather than what you ‘think you should do’. Listen to what you want and align your morning routine to that.

By Jonny Pardoe

Podcast Host, Confidence & Podcast Coach and Author

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