My Unreal Real World, My Teenage Reality

Available on Amazon in paperback and e-book

This follows the dark story of My Unreal Real World, as Callum continues a challenging life, but this time as a teenager. Callum is in a new part of the country with his family, but is now facing a difficult family home, time at school and his borderline personality disorder is a day to day battle he faces. To make matters worse there is a dangerous man on the loose out to get him and Callum wants to uncover a huge mystery in his life. Callum’s strength has grown with age but will it be enough for his battles in his latest journey?



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Why I wrote this book:

I wrote the first book of this sequel My Unreal Real World at a request from a friend, I decided when writing that first book that there was more of a story to tell about Callum. Callum’s perspective as a teenager needed to be shown to people and his battle in life with borderline personality disorder, where many more challenges are faced in those years. Having educated myself on borderline personality disorder from my friend’s initial request I wanted to use another fictional story to educate more people on awareness around borderline personality disorder.

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