Edge of Perfection

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Sam the fifteen year-old boy is an extremely talented and fortunate individual. Sam works hard for everything in his tennis career and academic life and that is why he is on top pretty much all the time. Sam is such a perfectionist though and anything not 100% brilliant can get to him. Sam then realises there may be a solution to actually being perfect, that there may be a perfect potion out there created many years ago by an evil lord. Sam is prepared to risk his life to find this potion and from Sam’s point of view you will go on this adventure with him.





Why I wrote this book:

The title of this book actually came to me before the planning of the story. Previously I have been called a perfectionist myself and sometimes that can actually be more harming than good. Perfection is something nobody can actually achieve despite how great they may be and as a result can cause negative self-image. It is great to have high standards but nobody is perfect. I therefore wanted to write a story around the theme of perfection in an adventurous story.

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