The Universe of the Lamppost

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This tells the story of a young twelve year-old boy called Tony who finds himself way outside his comfort zone. Tony lives an everyday life and lives with his parents in a relatively straight forward life. One day however he finds himself not only outside of his home, outside his street, outside his country; but he finds himself outside his universe! Tony is absorbed through a lamppost outside his house into a different universe and faces extremely dangerous challenges to get out of that universe and back home. It will take all his courage on this quest.



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Why I wrote this book:

This was my first book and what an experience it was to write. I decided to start with a children’s fiction fantasy story as I always enjoyed those type of stories when I was younger and I wanted to create an imaginary world. The idea of a lamppost came from my childhood where as a young boy frequently I would often look at the lamppost outside my house and wonder if it was ever going to absorb me into it. I had quite a strange few dreams of that happening! Many years later I have focused a story on this.

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