A Different World of School

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Three young teenagers Matty, Dodds and Lou are good friends who go to school. They differ significantly in personalities but their differences help one another in their friendship. Matty’s dislike of school and silliness one day takes them out of their school and to a different school altogether. This school is not nearby however, it is in a different world. Once they arrive in this new school through a portal even Matty begins to appreciate his normal school a lot more. As the plot unfolds they soon realise exactly how much danger they are in under the head master of the new school and his evil plans. They must use their friendship to the best of their ability to escape the school and world to safety.





Why I wrote this book:

This was my second book to follow the enjoyment I had from writing my first. I wanted to demonstrate how strong and important friendship could be through three friends who are different but work together in a dangerous situation. I wanted to create a different world and use my imagination to create an unpredictable story and to explore an alternative reality. Again, when I was younger I used to look around the school playground and wonder on what was outside the school and the fields all around. So exploring ideas made me come to the idea of a whole alternative reality world of school.

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