Your Passion Fuels Your Energy

“Your energy comes from passion” was a phrase I heard a mentor say when I was reading through my notes this morning thinking about what to write and this came up.

I’ve decided to start writing again as I know this is something I always loved to do yet put it off, and although feel I’m a little rusty this may feed my energy back again. 

Despite the fact I’m not the best writer in the world I still have a voice and find it vital that I communicate. What I love doing is learning and sharing so I thought why not? I’m almost got caught in that BS “perfectionism” rubbish (which doesn’t exist by the way it’s a cover for I’m not good enough”

The problem I’ve found is that more than ever in the last 2 years my mind has always gone back to the logical way of thinking than the heart. Don’t get me wrong I need to think logically too yet when I get away from my  heart too much that’s when misery can occur. 

I remembered back as a kid and although I had the odd challenge in my life I always used to get energy out of making up stories and creating things. Just expressing who I was and I lost that. I grew up into careers and partly business in things that were good for my bank account and status yet not so good for my heart. 

Now writing this even in a hard time in my life, currently on a detox so no treats allowed lol I feel more energised from doing something I enjoy. Then I started to ask myself what else I enjoy:

Reading certain books (non fiction), going walking, exercising, playing football, making content, writing all came to mind.

I’ve been doing a lot of work with my coach 1:1 on working to find my purpose. A big question in my life. Really though one of the best things I’ve heard in the book From The Core by John Wineland was to just look at what’s exciting for you next. So I decided to start writing today.

Of course my mind is saying crap like “well that’s not going to make you much money” or “what a waste of time people won’t read it”.

Is it a waste of time though if it fuels my energy?

So if you’re reading this, what is something you might add back into your life that fuels you?

Jonny Pardoe, 9th November 2023

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