Where the real change comes from

Do you wonder why some people become more successful than others in other areas? Or that a well educated person can still be on a low income and or not live a fulfilled life? Perhaps you see a person in personal growth doing all the courses, getting all the books and not making much of a change?

I’ve been all of these!

Today I’m going to share where the real power is for growth…

Describing the difference of knowledge, action and activity. My aim is to make this simple, as human beings operate better on simplicity I’ve personally found.


This is when you learn something. Putting good quality information in your head is absolutely essential to feel good, grow and learn. We also pick up knowledge in education as well as self education.

The problem is… it is absolutely useless unless used. In traditional education it is used dominantly to pass exams and get qualifications to get jobs. Then for more advanced jobs you’ll of course need further training and education. I’ve been that route and there is nothing wrong with this, if your goal is to get certificates and a certain job.

In self education typically knowledge is used to better yourself in some area. This area does not improve unless knowledge is utilized though. 

To quote Think and Grow Rich: ‘Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action, and directed to a definite end.’


If you learn something and go out and do it. That’s one step further. You start to understand it on another level and may create a temporary change or result.

But is that enough? If you learned about the best workouts and meal plans and then went to the gym using it once and eat some great meals for the day. Would that hit your weight loss goals or energy goals?



This is doing an action again and again until the result. Now this is where the real power lies. So for example going to the gym and following meal plans until you hit your weight goal or energy goal. Of course it’s important to monitor as to what you’re doing is right or not too, that’s where an effective coach can help you.


When I learn something significant and life changing? I immediately think about how I can make this into an activity. So remember knowledge is not power it is only potential power. 

By Jonny Pardoe

Podcast Host, Confidence & Podcast Coach and Author

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