Three key things I’ve learned from self development

Following my recent podcast episode with Anton Pavlovsky, CEO of the Headway self development app. I wanted to share three things that I’ve learned on my self development journey that maybe you can relate to.

Know your outcome

It is critical to always know why you are doing something. In this day and age we get caught up with so many ‘to dos’. Everybody is always busy. Instead of asking ‘what do I have to do?’ ask yourself ‘what do I want?’

Then allow your activities to follow accordingly. Otherwise life isn’t as fulfilling at the end of the day or week and you may risk burnout chasing those endless ‘to dos’

Role model people you should be role modeling 

This sounds so simple and obvious but it’s a mistake so many people make. 

People love to give their opinion, and whilst there is a degree of flexibility to make friends with people and network, the wrong advice can be worse than no advice.

Pay attention to who you are role modeling. 

For example don’t take financial advice off your broke friend. Don’t take relationship advice off your consistently single friend.  Don’t take business advice from that relative who has never started a business in their life. 

As the quote from Jim Rohn goes ‘Success leaves clues’. You don’t need to or should ever become someone you’re not but you can learn from those who are further along in the journey than you.

What do they believe? What do they do? How do they act?

Your subconscious mind is always open and listening  

Ever had a turn around one day and thought ‘wow! I feel a big difference from a couple of months back’. The flip side can also be ‘why am I self sabotaging constantly??’ 

We are driven by our subconscious mind more dominantly than what we are just consciously paying attention to. A lot of what is stored there was made in the early years of life when we were children. However, what you also consume on a consistent basis will also create a powerful message to store there and also has the power to change those beliefs from childhood… both in good and bad ways.

If you are listening to fear led information like the news for example, consistently you will more likely live that kind of stressful and anxious based life. If however you like to consume high quality podcasts and books. Then guess what? That’s also going to create a strong set of beliefs in the back of the mind. 

Consciously you have the power to choose when you stop to take a moment to reflect on your habits. 


Self development for me is a non negotiable. As human beings we are always growing, there is no end point until the end of our lives and even then various views. Being clear on what you want, role modeling the right people and being conscious of the information consumed on a regular basis is something that has made a huge impact in my life.

By Jonny Pardoe

Podcast Host, Confidence & Podcast Coach and Author

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