The Quality of My Life is The More Willing To Be Disliked

Wooooooah hold on Jonny are you saying go out there and be disliked? Lol….. no!

I’m saying that from my experience the more I’ve progressed in life the more open I am to be criticized or face some kind of rejection. I wanted to share this from a perspective of someone with a Project Management career (where you have to request and challenge people), a Sales role (where you’re always in a place where you might upset people even if you are morally helping people with a great service which is what I believe in) and Podcast Host where I speak to a number of people out there.

I realised that actually I developed in those areas by being disliked. Now I want to be clear I am NOT completely carefree of what others think, there are times it holds me back a little. It’s always a work in progress. 

Then I was thinking about it people who are usually killing it in an area are usually more open to recieve criticism etc. It’s not to say I or they don’t get hurt at times when receiving criticism yet this is something I’ve realised.

What I’ve learned though is that I don’t need to make a massive jump into being disliked. Sometimes it’s just a little next step. As always don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for every step you take.

If you want to never disliked, go and live in a cave away from nobody… that’s not what I want to do. Life is a growth experience, which the more I grow the more I know there may be someone who dislikes me rather than comfort. 

You may not like the idea of being disliked, what I don’t like is the thought of regret from not growing in life.

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