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Life can be hard, maybe it is or isn’t for you right now? You like I probably have got stressed at some point about the smallest things. Whether it’s that writing project, work / business is too overwhelming, there’s too much to think about or someone has put pressure on you. I know I certainly have experienced these.
We can get stressed when it’s not needed and stuck when there is so much great in the world. Today I have tapped into four ways to get you into a better state. Now it’s important to note things like healthy nutrition, regular exercise, mind work and the right company are going to help but I’ve focused on some quick wins as well as things to incorporate regularly into your routine to prime your natural state to a more calm one that I use. The following suggestions are for both putting into your routine regularly regardless of feeling stressed or for interrupting patterns as a setback plan.


When we are stressed our breathing changes but we can also change how we feel through our breathing. Changing your breathing can change the amount of oxygen into your body and change your state. One technique I do is 10 reps of inhale – hold -exhale on a count of 5 seconds – 20 seconds – 10 seconds. I do this whether or not I am feeling good as the more you do it the better you get at it and more likely you are going to be able to control your state. There are also multiple great resources from Wim Hof online too that I would recommend to get into strong breathing patterns.


You don’t want to smile right? Don’t feel like it…. Well actually smiling in itself can change how you feel. I remember reading about changing yourself to smile so I tried it when I was in some very stressful and frustrating times in my day job. The result? I started to feel funny and actually laugh. It interrupted my state and I began to feel better. Interrupting the negative thought pattern is best interrupted by a change in physiology and smiling can do this. Don’t just smile to interrupt a stressed mindset though, make time to smile regularly make it a habit. Again the more we train ourselves to do something the more natural it becomes.

Movements / exercise

How do you feel after exercise? Perhaps the words knackered or exhausted may come in but also pretty good right? Exercise produces endorphins, a feel good chemical in the body. Movement allows the body to get the blood flowing to the brain again. Motion creates emotion. So if you are stuck and sit still the chances are you will continue to stay in that state unless you move. Make exercise and movement regular into your routine but also if you are stuck and stressed get up and move. You don’t have to make it an hour workout or even half an hour. Just a 5-10 minute walk and ideally outside to get even more oxygen to your brain.

Develop your self awareness

Now this isn’t a quick fix for your state but it’s important to review yourself daily and then a weekly review on a Sunday. One of the simplest things to feel less stressed and stuck but completely missed due to how busy life can get is to review what makes you feel great and what makes you feel stressed. There are of course some things that will come at us we can’t see and will have to react to but look at your habits. Start adding in more of what makes you feel great. YOU! Not someone else’s idea. For example I love a run with no music or audio out in nature a lot more than a twenty minute sit down meditation. I do other short forms of meditation like tapping but this is what works for me. Then think what stresses you, could it be social media, the news, a certain food? Think about ways you can reduce them. I focus clients on this a lot, even though I am a coach and mentor, what works for one person will not always work for another person. Always focus on what works for you.


So these are just some small changes you can make in your life to start to feel less stressed and stuck. It’s important to maintain as many great habits as possible and be self aware of what makes you feel good but these are significant I’ve found in my life and most other people I’ve talked to and research has shown these are important factors. You don’t have to stay in that victim mindset, you can choose to change your state.

By Jonny Pardoe

Podcast Host, Confidence & Podcast Coach and Author

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