How to increase your drive

Are you wondering how you could add more inspiration or motivation into your life?

In today’s blog I share a quick perspective on this.

Your why

This is a very cliche personal growth thing, but it’s true. Having a deep connection to your why is critical. Why you are going after any goal or doing something. However I wanted to put a slightly different perspective to it you may not have come across, and it came from Harv Ecker Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. He said that your why should consist of both what you will get and what others will get as a result. Not one without the other. 

Let’s cover these…

What you will get

In certain cases self love and focusing on us has been given a negative label like ‘selfish’… In my personal opinion it’s more selfish not to do this. Why? You can’t help others and be at your best if you don’t look after you first. So therefore in your goals, intentions your days and your weeks don’t shy away from doing things that you truly want to get / receive. Whether that’s certain experiences, connections or treating yourself. You deserve and need it.

In terms of my financial goal for example, I have certain travel experiences and high level masterminds I want to get from growing my business that pushes me more than just a number.

What others will get

If we just focus on ourselves though we lose that soulful connection. One common thing I’ve learned from my personal growth role models and leaders in the industry is that they contribute hugely to other people and that makes them happy. If you look at historical strong and fulfilled leaders they contribute hugely to people and that’s built into their why and drive. 

Reflect on what you will contribute in your why. Is it a charitable cause, is it your kids, is it your family or is it to help people through an issue you’ve faced or had similar experiences with?

In terms of my financial goal for example, I want to donate more to Great Ormond Street Hospital, a charity I help monthly and treat my parents to a holiday for all the things they’ve done for me.


Our drive and why does need to be fueled when we go after what we want. Make sure to consider both sides though and not one without the other. What is it going to give you personally and what will it give to help out others?

By Jonny Pardoe

Podcast Host, Confidence & Podcast Coach and Author

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