How to have more energy


Energy? Is this important? Yes. Is my simplest answer. Energy is everything you do. If you are in a low energy place you won’t be able to do much with your life but if you are in a high energy place you are likely to smash through things and feel in a great place.

Let me ask you though?

Do you wish you had more energy? I certainly do. I love it when I have high energy and I’m ready to go and smash through barriers. I wanted to share with you some guidance on energy and how you can use it for you.


Action creates more action and inaction creates more incation. Getting moving and going is only going to increase your energy. Start small if you don’t exercise. As a minimum if you are able to walk you must walk a minimum of twenty minutes a day. Even getting outside in fresh air can change your state dramatically. 


Fasting is the process of not eating or drinking (except water of course) for extended periods to allow the body to recover. A typical fast is an 8 hour window where you are allowed to eat followed by 16 hours of not eating. Fasting allows your digestive system and body in general to recover as it isn’t having to break down food whilst you are not eating. This therefore gives you more energy. I have found myself increasingly mentally alert as well as more physically on top in exercise when I’ve not eaten in the morning. 

Water and nutrition

Your body is dominantly made up of water so therefore you need to retain water to keep up the energy. It’s easy to have that morning coffee or tea but that won’t hydrate us. The more hydrated we are the more alert we are likely to feel. Having lemon water is even more of an advantage as it allows true cleansing of the body too.

In terms of nutrition, I try to eat as much natural food as possible, I follow a dominant natural plant based diet. If you are consuming too many or even a small amount of processed food your body will have to use more energy to break it down. So stick to natural foods.


Energy is essential to feeling great and going through day to day, so why not make it a priority?  Exercise will help get you moving, whereas a structured nutrition plan will enable you to be on top of things too. Energy is everything, don’t neglect yours. 

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