How to deal with the fear of rejection

Is the fear of rejection holding you back or perhaps it has done in the past? In today’s blog I’ll share three tips that have really helped me.

This came from reflecting on last night with the guys and New Year’s Eve. Celebrating that I go out and have a good time, New Year’s Eve was actually a sober night too. I worry a lot less about what others think of me now. Yesterday people were looking at our group’s bad dance moves and mine and I was still enjoying it and the same with New Year. In general I feel a big shift across my life in my attitude to rejection.

So here are the tips…

Remember often people are more concerned with their own lives than you

This does not mean people don’t like or care about you, it simply means that people are usually wrapped in their own lives to worry about what you look like or say to them. So remember this, when thinking about someone disapproving or saying ‘no’ to you.

The more you do something the better you’ll become

This sounds too simple to be true right? Well it’s true and honestly understanding we have to do something or understanding it intellectually is a lot different than doing it.

So put yourself in those situations that are slightly out of your comfort zone, it doesn’t have to be a massive jump. The more you experience rejection the more you’ll grow in confidence and you will teach your brain it is not life or death like it thinks it is.

Praise yourself for experiencing rejection

Yes you read that right! Praise yourself for rejection. This is one of the many golden bits of info my mentor Joseph McClendon taught me. When you do something courageous, celebrate. Even and especially when it doesn’t go to plan.

Why? Because it tells your brain to do more courageous things, we love praise and we are completely in control of giving it to ourselves.


So a brief and simple blog today. Rejection is something everyone experiences as it’s inevitable and the more you grow the more likely you are to experience it. You can’t grow in confidence until you face the fear, but always remember to praise yourself.

By Jonny Pardoe

Podcast Host, Confidence & Podcast Coach and Author

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