How Do I Stop Being Lazy?

Being Lazy… what does this have to do with self esteem and confidence Jonny? Well quite a lot. While there is nothing wrong with having a day off from time to time as we need to re energise, sometimes we can get caught in the habit of constantly doing nothing. Then this can lead us frustrated and annoyed with ourselves, we can begin to think that is what our lives amount to, and we can’t do much more. This is where self esteem comes in. So today I wanted to share three quick tips on how to reduce laziness. 

   I’m considered by most of my peer groups and family to be one of the hardest working people they know, I sometimes probably need more of a break, but I used to be lazy and not get an awful lot done in the past. This was very common in my childhood, teenage and some of my university life. I would get into bad habits and not think about my days.

   So these are my tips…


1.Get moving

Motion = emotion. If we are inactive, this keeps us doing less. Get into activities daily that make you move, whether that is 20 – 30 mins daily or longer. It doesn’t have to be a marathon, but a walk can do. 


2.Start small

When we overload too much onto our plate, it can seem motivating, but after a while, we can get exhausted and then make us stop. Instead, focus on creating small little habits each day. 30 minutes meditation could just be 5 minutes.


3.Get accountability

Having accountability increases the chances of completing goals. If you have a decent partner, emphasis on the word decent, and someone who will do their job, you are more likely to commit to it. I have a group, and the amount of things I complete has increased dramatically. To go one step further, add a reward and take away for not completing things. I even started introducing this to my day job, making myself accountable to someone.



   Being lazy comes from bad habits. To overcome this, it’s important to examine those habits and adapt them accordingly. Getting moving – to get more active. Start with smaller things, so you don’t overload yourself. Get an accountability partner or group, attach rewards and punishments so that you do what you said you would do. 


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