May 2018: Dreams and How They Can Help You Write

Hello everyone and welcome to my May blog. I hope that you are having a good year. For today’s focus, I would like to discuss how dreams can help influence writing and creativity. Funnily enough, I write this after a poor night’s sleep during which I kept waking from lots of weird dreams.

I previously mentioned in one of my early blogs that a recurring dream from my childhood was that of the lamppost outside my house; this influenced my first book: The Universe of the Lamppost. What I do now is to make sure that I have my phone on my bedside table and the next morning, to note down any details from my dreams. Even if it is very random or very silly (as most of my dreams are) it can influence my thinking and writing.

For example, the other day there was a flying shark in my dream?!?! So, I thought to myself, why not include this as a crazy hallucination in my latest book.

Remember that ideas can start off as anything, no matter how small the idea and then they can form bigger and greater things. When planning a new chapter, I look at my notes, which include all thoughts such as dreams, and then combine these small ideas into a section of the story for a chapter.

As a writer, it is vital that you jot down anything unusual or interesting as this helps build a story. One of the best examples of this is from J.K Rowling who created the Harry Potter books. She had that light bulb moment on a train, noting it down on a napkin and then over the years, one of the greatest series of books was created.

Combined with picking up tips, noting down anything of interest and practising the art of writing, you will continually develop as a writer. The imagination is an amazing thing as those ideas are in everyone; you just have to keep exercising your writer’s mind in the right way.


Jonny Pardoe


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