March 2019: Being Truthful With Yourself

Happy March, everyone! I write this as I sit here, feeling very proud of myself for waking up early this morning, a new habit I have found well suited for my routine. I will talk about this in a future blog, as well as the benefits of waking up earlier.

Today’s blog is going to focus on being truthful to yourself. When I say this, I mean specifically following what you love and enjoy, not following something that is no use to you any longer, even if it used to be once.

This could take the form of a job or a hobby. For example, you may have once loved swimming, being something that you’ve done for years but actually, it’s not as enjoyable as you now find running. Alternatively, you may have progressed up a career path, and although you may have had promotions and qualifications along the way, you find that you no longer enjoy that path.

In those examples, as well as many others, people will tend to continue to pursue those avenues and try to convince themselves that they should carry on along the same lines. This will not serve any good purpose and ultimately will make you unhappy. My advice on this would be: listen to your heart in regards what you really want, and don’t get confused by your head.   There is also the idea that you should pursue something because you think that is what other people may want. This comes down to pleasing people and a fear of saying ‘no’. This may be because people think you would be good following a certain career path but actually on reflection, this doesn’t appeal to you at all.  So again, trust what you feel, communicate that back to yourself, as well as to others.

Jonny Pardoe


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