Finding Joy in the NOW

I’m having fun this morning writing this after I’ve just been watching some of Jay Shetty’s YouTube. I’m trying not to focus too much on time but really enjoy my day as I’ve left my phone in another room. I’ve not always been able to access joy as much, sometimes I’ve found myself so task-orientated and thinking of all the things I’ve had to do rather than having fun. When I’ve had more fun, I’ve seen much better flow and enjoyment. It also has increased my productivity and decreased my fear of worrying about things going wrong.

I’ve lacked joy in the present before, as I’ve wanted to be in the future. Therefore today, I’ve listed a range of things that have helped me have more fun in today’s blog. I hope you, too, can start applying this into action.


1. Listing things that give you joy
Don’t try and force something that you think ‘should’ be ‘fun’ do something that you genuinely like. Write all those things down. For me, it’s helpful to reflect on this now and remind myself regularly. Things like running, learning a new subject, going for a run, or talking to a mate really help me feel better. This is going to be specific to everyone. Also, what brings you joy may change in time; for example, as a kid, I loved nothing more than to play my PlayStation for hours. I still enjoy a little time on it now but couldn’t play it for hours.

2. Schedule those things in
This leads straight on from point one. Find time in your calendar to have joy. I’ve always been one for organisation and time management but recently tried to allow more flow so not too structured. It’s essential still that I find time to schedule in joy almost my busy days. It’s easy to neglect fun as we think ‘work, work, work’ is the answer, but make sure you don’t neglect fun.

3. Understand the joy in your goals
It’s great to set goals and have direction in life, but we’ve got to understand why we are doing them. For me, I love being in the moment of writing and creating something. I haven’t made thousands of pounds selling books to date if I was purely after money for writing books I would have given up ages ago. I write because I love to write, create, and spread messages to people. Think about why you do something… not just for money. If it is only for money, it may be time to reconsider what you are doing.


Life is a lot easier when we are having fun along the way. It’s easy to think ‘work, work, work’ but this can exhaust us if we believe we can only have fun or experience joy when we reach a certain point. Give yourself that enjoyment now, and you will see the benefits.

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