6 Small Changes That Will Make a Huge Impact on Your Life

Within the last few years, I’ve gotten more and more into the personal growth world. I’ve grown in my career, I’ve developed my social skills, released several books, made a successful podcast and YouTube channel. This isn’t a ‘wow look at Jonny’ moment as there have been considerable setbacks, some knocking me back to depressive and anxious moments. I have found a self-love level and respect for myself from these though that I never thought possible this started from the smallest of habits and changes in my life. Today I am going to share these with you.


Stop just posting positive quotes and take action
Don’t get me wrong. I love an uplifting quote and this over negativity every day, but posting or reading positive quotes every day will not change your life. I like to share these but with the idea of people taking action from them. In my earlier twenties, I used just to have quotes plastered all over my room and guess what…. nothing changed because I was not taking action.
So think about what action you can take from the positivity you read, even if small.


Be ok with being in silence
I used to run from negative thoughts, and I know lots of people do. This only makes things worse. You don’t have to like the thoughts, but progress starts with truth. We can only make progress if we allow ourselves to be in silence with such thoughts. I sit for 20 minutes in the morning to be with my thoughts. I just see they are there, and then I think about the actions I want to take from them. Get comfortable with this silence.


Re do positive beliefs
There are more negative beliefs in our subconscious than we realise. I’ve recently been on spiritual psychology workshops and currently doing a course in rapid transformational therapy. Beliefs drive our actions, so our behaviour will always be this way if they are by default negative.
Instead by becoming self-aware of my negative thoughts and then creating new ones has made such an impact on my life. ‘I am not good enough’ became ‘I am willing to love myself unconditionally’. I said things like this over and over again to retrain the brain. You can too. If you wonder why you do the same sabotaging behaviours again and again (like me) then take a look at your beliefs. This may involve some deep reflection into the subconscious.


Talk to someone every day
I am talking about someone positive. There are, unfortunately, negative people in this world. Still, when you get someone positive and with plenty of energy, it can be contagious, and you start to feel better. I connect with people who are interested in similar things and make me laugh and smile. This is such an important change to make. You can’t control people, but you can control who you hang around with.

Practice speaking out loud every day
Ok what’s this about…… some people are introverts, and some people are extroverts. How often do we have to speak to someone though? You’ll probably answer every day. You don’t need to be the heart of the party or the person who speaks for your country, but practicing speaking out loud to myself every day has made a massive impact on my life. It will help you in social situations, job interviews, meetings at work, dates, and many more times.
You just need 5-10 minutes each day to talk in front of a mirror about a specific topic and that’s it.


Learn every day
My classic! Learning daily is not about spending all day in a library but about giving 10-15 minutes to learn, whether reading, listening, or watching every day. Learning helps me grow and helps anyone improve. So giving this time is so important.

The above changes have made a big difference in my life. They are small changes but with significant impacts. You don’t have to do all of them, but perhaps some can help you in specific ways if you are reading this and happy with life, fantastic! But the chances you’ve stumbled across it would suggest you would like some kind of improvement. The main point I will emphasise as with the points is… if you don’t change your actions you won’t change your life.


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