As I Think, So I Feel

I’ve had a tougher emotional day today. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a few stressors building up and perhaps I’ve not eaten my best today. One pattern I’ve noticed is that when I have more sugar my brain fog increases, my mood fluctuates and my energy can crash. Yet I am dealing with a lot of emotions right now balancing two jobs alongside deep emotional work. Fortunately creating content like this comes a bit more flow to me and I have plans in plays to work with my emotions and thoughts.

  I wanted to share a poem I learned from my mentor Joseph McClendon, a man I am also privileged to work for on thoughts and emotions. I was talking to him today and a few words of inspiration came up from the past he said:

As I think, so I feel

As I feel, so I do

As I do, so I have

What that means is that our thoughts have a huge impact on results, yet I know for myself I haven’t spent a lot of time on working on them for most of my life until recently. That has meant some unconscious negative ones have caused some bad behaviour.

Recalling that poem makes a huge difference though. As a result I begin everyday with a breathwork practice to calm and allow the expression of some of the unconscious thoughts in my body. I then go deep into a meditation from Joe Dizpenza.

I’ve also learned a procedure from Joseph that involves jumping up and down and visualising what I want multiple times a day. This has been important as my brain can default to running away from the negative instead. When focusing on what I want this has made a significant change, with the importance of feeling what I want and a smile on my face.

One essential thing I’ve learned is that it’s important for me to take action, yet if I don’t pause and look at my thoughts or proactively train them each day the not so empowering ones may take over. Yes this does take conscious effort, yet being overruled by thoughts that don’t support me make it a lot tougher. 

In summary I find having a proactive morning practice to train my thoughts, reminders on my phone to focus on what I want and celebrate and a response plan on my phone if my thoughts get tough has created a great way to work on my thoughts, creating more empowering feelings, leading to more powerful actions and therefore results, then repeating again.

Stay magnificent!

Jonny Pardoe

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