Achievement and Fulfilment

I wanted to make a short blog on this and linking this to mental health as a guy.
In my experience I’ve managed to hit a lot of achievements in my life.
Recently I ran a half marathon in a decent time and got a medal and also in the same weekend got player of the season in football. In my life I’ve had success in business and career yet one thing I’ve realised is there is a huge difference between fulfilment and achievement.

This has been stated by several of my mentors but really hit me recently as living through it. Fulfilment for me is about feeling good usually in the form of giving and or doing what is aligned to you.

When I podcast for example I feel very fulfilled. Yet when I’ve risen in certain careers for a better title I’ve not so fulfilled.
I’ve learnt though I can achieve and been fulfilled.

The greatest thing for me to ask when making a decision is “how does this feel?” As in my body not just my logical mind. If I get a lot of energy and feelings on joy I know it’s more likely to be for me.

If it’s just something which sounds impressive or logically “I should do” I try and reduce from my life.

Of course there is a mix of using logic too. You can’t just quit a job which may not be aligned the next day when you still have bills to pay, so lead with the heart and how it feels but use logic too to make things happen.

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