April 2017: Why Children’s Fiction

Today, I am very pleased because I now have two books published on Amazon, having successfully published: ‘A Different World of School’ a couple of weeks ago. These books are both e-books and available to buy as paperback. I have had an overwhelming amount of support (mainly on Facebook) from friends and family, congratulating me on this. A couple of people have asked me recently why I have chosen to write about children’s fiction; I have, therefore, chosen this as my focus for my current blog.

Children’s fiction stories are fantastic. They been around for years, from the adventurous and wonderful stories of Roald Dahl to the modern-day stories of David Walliams. I believed that writing in this genre would really suit me being someone who loves to use their imagination. There is no limit to the imagination and therefore I can write about anything. When I was younger, I frequently had ideas for stories, whether in the form of exercises in English lessons, in video games or in my own versions of books (sadly, I never pursued such ideas as a young boy). However, I re-found the younger self  in me and decided to use my imagination again to write these books. Such creations should allow younger readers to expand their imagination, whilst developing their reading skills.

I have also chosen children’s fiction because of the messages contained in each book. When I was younger there were some key messages that I would glean from books such as those of friendship, loyalty of what is good and what is bad. As well as revealing fantasy worlds and adventures to my readers, I also hope to deliver key messages. For example, in the ‘Universe of the Lamppost’ you see Tony, a young boy, show courage and bravery to help him face tough challenges. In ‘A Different World of School’, I explore the idea of friendship between the characters and how people help one another. Amongst the crazy adventures within the story, I aim to make readers aware of important truths.

So children’s fiction affords me an exciting opportunity to use my imagination and those ideas I developed as a young boy. It also enables me to give readers a message by means of the characters, their personalities, their behaviours and their interactions.

Have a good Easter everyone. Thank you for reading.


Jonny Pardoe

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