May 2017: My Latest Book ‘Edge of Perfection’ and The Idea of Perfection

So here I am in May and the third draft of my third book “The Edge of Perfection” is now well under way. After much planning, I am now writing it and so hopefully, I am within a few months of publishing it too. Why have I written about perfection? Today’s blog focuses on this.

Perfection or the word ‘perfect’ is used a lot in everyday life. It can have a different meaning for different people. My understanding of the word is that it is when something is flawless, that there is not a single crack in it, and that nothing is wrong with it.

Lots of people chase perfection or are seen as perfectionists; some more than others. Therefore, I thought I would base a story on a young boy who has chased perfection to the extreme which has led to a big adventure. Sam, the young boy in this story, wants to be perfect or the best in every single way, whether it is his tennis ability, his scores in class or in his general health and appearance.

There is also an opposing character: Lord Anat, known as “the shadow” in this story, who strives for perfection so much that he creates terror and evil in the place he rules. This shows the downside to perfection or perfectionists, forcing people to go to extremes to be perfect, not caring about people around them.

As a result this brings about two opposing characters, who have something in common, both wanting to be perfect but yet being different in the way of good and evil. Sam is good in the way that although he wants to be perfect, he shows empathy and care for friends and family (even if he neglects them at times). Lord Anat has no empathy for others and wants to create a world in which he is perfect and everything around him is perfect.

The story aims to take the reader on a journey, showing Sam’s perspective, as he tries to find something so important to him – perfection!

Throughout the story and adventure of the book, there is an important message about perfection waiting to be discovered!


Jonny Pardoe

Photo by Yining Liu on Unsplash

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