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“Absolutely adore this book, it is so useful. There are hundreds of books with similar messages out there now but this is one which I’ll continue to read and revisit. The messages relate to all aspects of life with relatable content and stories. I have started to act on some of the principles straight away with immediate results!

“Positive messages and insightful information throughout this book regarding various aspects of an individual’s self-esteem. This book provides useful advice for understanding one’s self-awareness and tips to enhance these areas of life. Excellent real-life examples and views from Jonny. I enjoyed reading this book and would read it again! Highly recommended to anyone caring about their self-esteem.”

“A fantastic storyteller”

“I think it’s amazing. So fun to read”

“If you’re looking for a story of adventure, real-world topics, and mystery, this is the book for you! It is well written and is a page-turner. I really enjoyed this story and I would highly recommend it!”

“Really interesting read as someone with BPD it’s rare to find a book relating to the disorder. Thank you!”



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