My 1:1 Mentoring and Coaching Programs

Are you sick and tired struggling to answer these?

  • How to increase self esteem
  • How to be confident in yourself
  • How to stop looking for validation from others
  • How to stop comparing yourself to others

Why choose to struggle with that, when you could feel:

  • Amazing self-value and love yourself, rather than waiting on something or someone else to make you happy
  • Unshakable and brave confidence, rather than being a victim to life and held back from going for what you want
  • In love with your life, rather than feeling the energy sucked out of you each day
  • Excited to work on what you love every single day, rather than struggling through each day

YOU CAN! Let me say a few words again on how it helped me…

By asking myself the right questions, getting the right coaches and mentors, listening to the right podcasts, reading the right books, surrounding myself in the right groups and most importantly forming the right actions / habits in my life I have come to love being me. I continue to work on myself now as I absolutely prioritise feeling great about me. It is now only the best thing for me but everyone else around me. To not allow the outgoing / authentic version of me to everyone else I feel would be selfish. I gave myself a self esteem booster.


Want the same?

Brand new mentoring programs devoted to you, to triumph over challenges. 

What is offered in these programs for you? 

  • Detailed discussion on how to build your confidence and esteem.
  • The benefits of self awareness opened up and why self awareness is important. Esteem and confidence challenges generate differently for every person.
  • Clear action plans and timescales to empower you to improve your life. Positivity exercises that are right for you.
  • Confidential but open conversation on how you can overcome your challenges to give you the benefits of self love and to control your life.
  • Online 1:1 conversation to save you any precious travel time and so you can talk from the comfort of your own home.
  • Personal guidance on writing your first or next book, including the mindset to handle this.
  • Consistent accountability.


How have I helped others?

“The coaching I had with Jonny was extremely useful and very beneficial to help identify areas I wanted to improve on as well as the steps I required to take. Jonny was professional and supportive through the stages of this coaching process, he followed-up with me and my actions with feedback notes and further conversations.

I felt Jonny’s coaching approach was excellent in his communication with me, asking me questions to uncover my challenges, as well as listening to my responses to guide me on how I can achieve desired results.

Thank you, Jonny, for the coaching you provided me, I would definitely recommend your services to everyone who is looking for support with self-improvement.”



“My coaching engagement with Jonny has been a really enlightening experience. I came to him with a number of issues I wanted to work through, such as feeling stuck building my own business and struggling with some long term sport injury problems.

Over a number of sessions with Jonny I have gained a much greater sense of awareness and clarity over these issues, as well as discovering some powerful insights about myself. Our sessions have enabled me to move forward with clearer plans and a real excitement and energy that I couldn’t have created alone.

Jonny’s coaching style has been extremely professional and enjoyable. He challenged me on some stubborn limiting beliefs and helped me build some techniques and approaches to work through obstacles. He is a fantastic listener and always got to the heart of the issue. I would highly recommend Jonny as a coach.”


“I found the coaching sessions with Jonny highly beneficial and rewarding. Before starting my coaching sessions with Jonny, I felt there were certain areas of my life that I always wanted to work and improve on, but never seemed to get around to it, or find the time and motivation. My first