My Confidence Coaching for Growth Driven Individuals in Business

Are you sick and tired struggling to answer these?

  • How to get rid of self doubt from doing what you love
  • How to manage overthinking when you know you just have to start
  • How to reduce looking for validation from others when you want to be serving
  • How to stop comparing yourself to others
  • How to get away from imposter syndrome

When you could feel:

  • A significant level of growth in your business and impact to others
  • Amazing levels of self belief and excitement for your life
  • Decision action from trust in yourself
  • Focusing on what matters to you and giving yourself internal validation for that, not from others. Self love that doesn’t need to compare
  • Faith and trust that you have value to deliver

YOU CAN! Let me say a few words again on how it helped me as well as my clients…

This is how I become a Certified Coach with a degree in Psychology, a certified neuroencoding trainer, a top 100 Apple podcast, a 7 times Author and hours of Tony Robbins / Joseph McClendon training. I made sure I invested in some of the best leaders in the world the pick out the best for myself and now teach, coach and simplify this for as many people as possible. 

This is some of my transformation but I want you to guide you with the tools and techniques that have helped me shape my life. 


Want the same?

Brand new coaching programs devoted to you.

What is offered in these programs for you? 

  • Detailed discussion on how to build your self confidence and esteem within your personal growth.
  • The benefits of self awareness opened up and why self awareness is important. 
  • Changing the way you think and your rituals to empower you.
  • Clear action plans and timescales to empower you to improve your life. Positivity exercises that are right for you.
  • Confidential but open conversation on how you can overcome your challenges to give you the benefits of self love and to control your life.
  • Online conversation to save you any precious travel time and so you can talk from the comfort of your own home.
  • Consistent accountability.

Could you qualify for coaching?

If you value growth, striving forward and want to increase your self belief, make significant growth and impact. Let’s have a chat by booking some time in HERE

Alternatively just – e-mail ‘coaching’ to [email protected] 

How has this helped others?

  • Fear of public speaking to presenting with confidence
  • Starting a business, concerned about selling to people, to making phone calls and gaining 8 new clients in two months
  • Terrified to teach something they were passionate about, to leading classes with joy
  • Imposter syndrome and concern of what others think to boosting that self belief and creativity and publishing that book to the world
  • Hating that job and miserable environment to finding excitement in a new opportunity from the regained self belief
  • Constant comparisons to landing big deals with new sponsors

What a few of my wonderful clients have said from their transformations

“I really enjoyed being coached by Jonny. He has a real talent for coaching and his interest and passion for self-development really shows in his coaching sessions. Jonny is very personable and puts you at ease in his sessions, but at the same time asks challenging questions that really helped me to clearly define my goals and actions.
During the sessions that I was coached by Jonny I was able to identify and address some personal challenges, identify clear goals on how I could overcome these challenges, and was able to define steps to take in order to achieve them. I am pleased to say that I am still making progress on these goals even after my coaching with Jonny has come to an end.
It has been a pleasure to be coached by Jonny and I can recommend him to anyone who is looking for professional coaching. He’s approachable, flexible, patient and encouraging.

Thank you Jonny!”

Clare, Leadership Coach


“Jonny has personally helped me. Jonny has massively improved my confidence and even being surrounded by Jonny will increase yours! I tell you you’re in the right place to earn more confidence”

Gary, Depression Coach


“I felt Jonny’s coaching approach was excellent in his communication with me, asking me questions to uncover my challenges, as well as listening to my responses to guide me on how I can achieve desired results.

Thank you Jonny for the coaching you provided me, I would definitely recommend your services to everyone who is looking for support with self-improvement.”

Jamie, Careers Consultant CEO


“A few weeks ago I tried something new. I was struggling with time management and dealing with a case of imposter syndrome with my novel, and my coaching sessions have helped me in ways I never expected. I am now a believer in the power of coaching. If you’re in a rut have a chat with Jonny Pardoe”

Kate, Author


“I had some successful coaching sessions with Jonny recently due to some challenges I was having in my work life, and I was unsure how to overcome them. Through our discussions I reached a conclusion in how to address these challenges and now have some tools and action plans in place to help me deal with any similar problems I might face in the future. Thanks Jonny!”

Kirsty, HR


“I had  sessions with Jonny to work on my confidence and self-esteem. The first thing to highlight is how professional but friendly Jonny was, he displayed a wide understanding of the problems related to low confidence and was able to provide tips and exercises to work on these. I learnt so much about myself from these sessions as well as learning tools to overcome my fears. Thanks to these sessions with Jonny I have been able to feel more confident and to celebrate the little wins.”

Esperanza, Network Marketing


“Jonny has delivered over and over again, he does what he says. Jonny has put together materials that will fill the gaps very quickly. He’s fantastic and somebody I really value and appreciate.”

Nick, Mindset Coach and Team Leader


If you are ready to get rid of that self doubt ruining your life and build up that self confidence to do what you love, what can you do?

Book a time for a free consultation call to see if you qualify for  confidence coaching in your business… Book some time in right HERE  or e-mail ‘coaching’ to [email protected]

Looking forward to speaking 🙂