Self Esteem Talks, Self Confidence Talks and Personal Growth Topics

What are some of the words you would describe when in your best state?
Empowered, authentic, fulfilled, wonderful, triumphant, self-loving…

Why do you not feel like that all the time, if they are such great feelings? human beings we have a dominant limbic part of the brain that is trying to keep us safe from dangers constantly to survive. The function is not to keep us happy.

Yet you’ve seen people who are so blissful and happy. So, you can see it is possible to have such positive emotions more regularly. Self-esteem and self-confidence  are things you can improve when you devote time to help you.

Simple and effective actions can create that magic you need in your life. Aren’t you tired of highly complex or exhaustive courses or resources to try and change your life? Wouldn’t it be good to have an eye-opening but simple talk to empower you to steer your life and others around you in the right direction?

What uplifting and easy broken talks can be provided for you and your group / community?

Self esteem boosters and self esteem improvement
Self confidence hacks

The benefits of self awareness and why self awareness is important
The power of habits to shape your life and how to be positive and happy
The vital role of exercise and diet for you physically, mentally and emotionally
The influence of personal growth on how to love yourself

The talks dedicated to you will be on self-esteem, confidence and personal growth, from first-hand experience, theories / research and a range of applying learning over the years.


“Well spoken and easy to listen to”

“Confident, personable and vulnerable”

“Content was relatable and helpful to a novice. Delivered with a smile”

“I’ve taken notes and inspiration!”

“Great audience connection”

-Live audience feedback

“I would like to thank Jonny for coming along and delivering on online session to my college students. He clearly has a keen passion for the topics of self-esteem and confidence, and gave an excellent talk about what these are all about. He covered a range of content, including what self-esteem is, why it is important and how we can improve. My students are now going to put into place some of the techniques which you have discussed, and are looking forward to reaping the benefits of their new, positive mind-sets! Thanks so much Jonny!”

– Adam.G, Lecturer

“Jonny was a great guest on my High Flow Lifestyle show. He provided so much value as a down-to-earth expert and showed my audience the importance of having a self esteem and confidence mindset. I can tell from our discussions around growth mindset and training that he is a great coach for his students and they are being guided in the right direction.”

-Josh Smith, PhD, Host of the High Flow Lifestyle podcast

“I really enjoyed having Jonny on my podcast! He was such a warm and inviting guest, plus he gave out some amazing, actionable tips that people can do to overcome both self-esteem and imposter syndrome issues. I received a lot of positive feedback from the audience on Jonny’s episode and to date, it was one of my most listened to interviews on the podcast. I can’t wait to have him back on.”

-Leah Frazier, President of Think Three Media

“Jonny is a great self development coach and individual who pushes you to understand self care, confidence, self esteem and belief within ourselves. I had a great live call where he educated those within the wedding industry and gave some great advice on how we can build confidence within ourselves for the big day. Wouldn’t hesitate to work alongside Jonny again”

– Claire Amelia, Emporella

YouTube channel and Podcasts

The talks are available for you online including some award winning Toastmaster talks.

If you would like a peak on how the talks will help you and your group have a look at my YouTube channel:


Alternatively, if you are on the move you can listen to the Podcasts from a selection of platforms:





Podcast Interviews

These are a few podcast interviews I’ve been on to talk about self esteem and confidence:

High Flow Life Style with Josh Smith

Disorder with Zach Holliday

The Cure with Aimee Cabo

The Tuddle Daily Podcast with Tuddle

The Uncovery Podcast with Mahalia Jane

The Self Confidence Project with Kimberly Hill

Business Growth Show with Sam Dunning

How do you get one of these self esteem talks or self confidence talks?

If you are interested in booking me to speak or be on your podcast. Let’s have a chat. Simply contact [email protected] to discuss your needs to make a talk as resourceful to you as possible.